Hotel Reservation


Basically, Thailand has three seasons:

  Winter from November until February


from March until the end of April, this period the weather is dry and very hot,
it may be uncomfortable for doing sightseeing tours
  Rainy from May to the end of October

The best months for traveling are December, January, and February, but November, March and April are also acceptable (though the air is humid and it may rain occasionally).


The Thai unit of currency is the Baht. The current exchange rate (February) is 32.69 Baht for 1 US $. You can change money either at the banks or at the money. The basic exchange rate is the same everywhere. It is best to bring traveler's cheque, because they are safer and the rate is slightly better than the rate for cash. (It is required to show your passport and state your address in Thailand if you want to cash a cheque.)

Major credit cards (Visa American Express, MasterCard) are generally accepted in hotels and the big shops.


In Thailand , it is not necessary for tipping. Most restaurants add a 10 per cent service charge to the bill an additional 5 to 10 per cent may be given, where deserved. There is no tipping in very simple restaurants or food stalls. Small tips can be accepted like 10-20 baht in small food stills, but really not necessary. At the hotel, it is common to give tips to bellboys, or housekeepers.

Drinking tab water is not hygienic in Thailand . Normally, the tourist hotels provide bottled water for free. You should be careful with the food from food stills or in simple restaurants. Eat only things that have been thoroughly cooked and are served really hot. Be careful of very spicy dishes with large amounts of chili, which may cause a severe diarrhea. Vaccinations against tetanus, hepatitis, and salmonella infections are generally advisable.
Electricity and appliances

All electrical appliances in Thailand use 220V AC electricity and nothing is earthed. If you are bringing appliances from the USA or Australia , please kindly bring your own transformer, or a plug adapter.

The government will refund any VAT tax you pay as long as you keep the receipts and present them to the VAT refund counter at the airport before you leave, or at most department stores and duty free shops.
Internet Access

There are plenty of Internet cafes around Bangkok and at all major tourist centers and department stores throughout Thailand . If you bring your notebook computer with you, buy an Internet startup kit at any computer or department store. The startup kits are available in a range of access times with very competitive prices.
Emergency & Useful Numbers

Police 191
Crime 195
Fire 199
Traffic Control Center 197
Highway Police 1193
Tourist Police 1699
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Hotline 1555
Missing Persons Bureau (66-2) 282 1815
Medical Evacuation & Ambulance Service (66-2) 255 1133

Immigration Office
Soi Suanphlu, Sathorn Tai Road
Bangkok 10120
Tel. (66-2) 287 3101

TAT Head Office http://www.tourismthailand.org
Tourism Authority of Thailand
1600 New Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Tel: +66 02 250 5500 (120 automatic lines)
Fax: +66 02 250 5511 

TAT Tourist Information Counters can be found at the following locations:

Tourism Authority of Thailand
1600 New Phechatburi Road , Makkasan, Rajathewi, Bangkok 10400
Open daily from 08.30 to 16.30 hrs.

Suvarnabhumi Airport
Arrival Floor, Domestic Tel: (66)2132 1888 Open daily 08.00-22.00 hrs.
Arrival Floor, International Tel: (66)2132 1888 Open daily 08.00-22.00 hrs.

TAT Call Center 1672 Operational hours' 08.00-20.00 hrs.